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This blog sprung out of an idea to watch every feature film produced by the Disney Animated Studios. For each movie, I discuss the following topics:

1) Review. This is basically whatever stands out to me when I watch the movie.

2) 10 Things. This is a list of 10 things I learned by watching the movie. I generally like to have a humorous take with this one.

3) My Take. This is a short segment discussing a few elements that are common among all movies. For example, which character do I identify most with? What I my views of the villain? What are my favorite quotes and songs? You’ll find them all in this post.

4) What’s in a Name? In this post, I discuss what the different names from the film mean.

5) Significance. What lasting significance did the movie really have? Find out in these posts.

6) Source. Where did the movie come from? Sometimes it’s common knowledge; sometimes it’s not. Either way, I seek interesting details and give my commentary.

7) Time and Place. This discusses the setting of the film, both chronologically and geographically.

In addition to these seven regular posts, occasionally I throw in posts that are specific to the film.

Most of my research comes from Wikipedia, IMDB, the Disney archives, or the Time magazine archives. Occasionally I dig up stuff in other places too.