Time and Place of Cinderella

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I definitely place Cinderella in France. For one thing, that is where Perrault was from (who wrote the version that the Disney version is based off of). There are a few other references, such as the term château or Jaq’s name. Determining where in France is much more difficult. To determine where, it’s best to look at the timeline first. Cinderella takes place before France was a unified kingdom. I’m not all that great with French history, but this would set it pre-1300 roughly. But various aspects (such as the existence of châteaus) suggest that it is post 900. I’m setting it at 1100 since that seems like a good midway point. Considering the way the kingdoms were situated around this time, and considering the fact that it takes place in a smaller kingdom, I’m placing it in modern-day Pays de la Loire.

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