Ten Things I Learned from Cinderella

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Disney Cinderella

1. If you’re too desperate for your children to get married, they’ll probably end up marrying someone from the exact opposite social class.
2. If you are already holding as many corn kernels as you can, don’t try to pick one more up—especially if there is a cat on the loose.
3. It’s important to stock your house with lightweight brooms in case random mice need to push them over onto cats.
4. If you have a horse, a dog, and four mice, and you need something to pull a carriage, the logical thing is to use the four mice.
5. You can get pretty far in just twelve strokes of the clock if you’re running away from love.
6. If you’ve finally caught a mouse under a saucer, don’t get so giddy that you keep dancing around. Just snag it!
7. If you’ve reached the end of the line, don’t worry—a fairy godmother will poof out of nowhere and fix everything.
8. While songbirds, mice, dogs, and horses are gentle creatures with high intelligence, chickens are mindless and heartless whose only focus is on eating corn.
9. Beautiful women wake up with lipstick and mascara on.
10. Don’t trust a cat if it shares the same name as the devil.

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