A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes – Review of Cinderella

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Disney Cinderella

When Cinderella was released, it was hailed as returning to Disney’s successful roots with Snow White. Aside from the focus on a princess-fairytale story, it did have several other comparisons. For example, it was Disney’s reemergence into the full-length animated film scene, and it was perhaps just as risky as Snow White was. If Cinderella had bombed, it’s possible that Disney would have returned to the package films. (Thank goodness that was not the case.)

Cinderella has just as much charm as Snow White in her benevolent and kind mannerisms, but she isn’t quite as oblivious. You’d think that she would be able to anticipate her stepmother’s ill-intentions and calculating style though. I think that her outlook on life is explained well as she talks to Bruno about Lucifer. Obviously they both despise the cat, but Cinderella recognizes that it’s better to just try to get along.

Another important aspect about her character is that Cinderella seems to have learned how to truly cherish the good moments. This is apparent right in the beginning when she wakes up, grateful for a beautiful morning but regretting the end of her dream. When she goes to the ball, she gets completely swallowed up in the moment and doesn’t even realize that she is with the prince.

The various characters are really delightful in their various interpretations: mice who speak pidgin, a hotheaded king who yearns for grandchildren, a cold and calculating stepmother, and others. Disney is very good at developing strong personalities for its characters that seem refreshingly unique. Even Time Magazine noted when it was released in 1950 that the overdone cat-and-mouse sequences had a new take.

The message of the story is also good: no matter what your circumstances, you can rise above them if you are good-natured and willing to dream. It almost seems that Cinderella is destined for greater things right from the get-go. In the opening scene, the first sunrays to touch the entire house fall upon her. And in the end, her dreams come true.

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