What’s in a Name? – Melody Time

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Melody Time Disney

The title Melody Time is fairly obvious. A lot of the names from the film either require no explanation or have no explanation (as far as I can figure). For example, Johnny Appleseed got his name from planting apples, Little Toot got his name from the tooting sounds he makes, and Pecos Bill is named after the Pecos River. Widowmaker’s name comes from the fact that only Pecos Bill could ride him (killing other cowboys, making their wives widows).

The one name that I couldn’t figure out was Slue-Foot Sue’s. What in the world does “slue-foot” mean? After doing a bit of initial research on the internet, I’m not sure. But it appears that it might be some sort of tripping technique. In that sense, I suppose that you could say that Slue-Foot Sue metaphorically trips Pecos Bill into love.

On a side note, “Bumble Boogie” is a combination of “bumblebee” and “boogie.” But if you’re curious as to where those got their names from, “bumble” seems to be derived from the word “bombus” – the genus of all bumblebees. Boogie may have been derived from an African word “bogi,” a verb for dancing.

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