What’s in a Name? – Ichabod and Mr. Toad

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Disney The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

I honestly can’t figure out where the name The Wind in the Willows comes from. Both the wind and willow trees are common elements of folktales, so perhaps Kenneth Grahame used the title to demonstrate that he was trying to come up with a new folktale.

As for the name of the characters, they don’t need much explaining. Most of the characters from The Wind in the Willows have names based off of the kind of animal that they are (which the exception of Cyril Proudbottom and Mr. Winkie). And the characters from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow are all typical names. Even Ichabod Crane is a name that at least one person has had (who, incidentally, has relations to the author Stephen Crane). Ichabod is originally a Biblical name, and Crane is a surname originating in England. My guess is that Washington Irving chose the name in part because it is somewhat awkward, just like the character. Most of the other characters have Dutch surnames (even “Brom Bones” is only a nickname—Abraham Van Brunt is his real name).

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