Time and Place of Melody Time

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Disney Melody Time

Once Upon a Wintertime
This segment seems to be contemporary with the film, so 1948 is about right for the time. As far as location, it could be about anywhere in North America where it snows. Hmm… why not Connecticut?

Bumble Boogie
This doesn’t exactly take place in a real setting.

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed
The real Johnny Appleseed was born in Massachusetts in 1774 and died in Indiana in 1845. It’s hard to say exactly where and when most of the action takes place in the Disney film, but initially John Chapman moved to Pennsylvania when he first headed west in 1792, so I think that’s a fair estimate.

Little Toot
This segment obviously occurs at New York City. The time is a little difficult, so I’m going to place it contemporary with the film – 1948.

I don’t know enough about trees to be able to recognize the one that’s in the film. And Kilmer said that his poem wasn’t about a particular tree. So I’m not going to try to place this one.

Blame It on the Samba
I’m placing this one in Brazil due to José Carioca’s appearance and the presence of samba. I’m also placing it contemporary with the film in 1948.

Pecos Bill
The first Anglo settlers arrived in Texas in 1821, so it has to be sometime after that. If you take the reference to his shooting all of the stars but one (which became the “Lone Star”) as a reference to his involvement in the creation of the Republic of Texas, then that would be in 1836. The Disney film seems to say that his involvement with Slue-Foot Sue takes place after that, so I would place it circa 1840 in Texas.

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