Ten Things I Learned from Melody Time

3rd June, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Ten Things I Learned from Melody Time

Disney Melody Time

1. Spraying snow on your date isn’t necessarily the best way of flirting.
2. Roy Rogers draws maps of the United States that makes Texas about 60% of the entire country.
3. Clouds didn’t exist before Johnny Appleseed planted them.
4. If you are about to be attacked by a rattlesnake, simply out-hiss it. It will become the size of a worm and crawl away in fear.
5. Women can turn snow red through their anger alone.
6. The best way to light a cigarette is via lightning.
7. If you’re feeling blue, start dancing the samba. Mania will ensue.
8. If you want to avoid a skunk spraying you, simply pet it into submission.
9. If you’re standing on thin ice, don’t pierce it with a stake.
10. You might have a relationship with your horse that is so good you kiss it… but one look at a woman riding a catfish can destroy it all.

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