Ten Things I Learned from Ichabod and Mr. Toad

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Disney The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

1. Even a dog howl can make girls faint if it comes from Ichabod Crane.
2. If you dig out a man covered with sugar only to find he’s angry, putting sugar back over his eyes doesn’t pacify him.
3. If you pray that a criminal will get time off for good behavior, chances are he’ll show up right then and there (but for bad behavior—breaking out).
4. You can’t get rid of a crazy girl once you ask her to dance.
5. Don’t trust short people with a long mustache, a sly smile, and a pink suit.
6. Giving alcohol to animals isn’t abuse—it’s sharing the joy.
7. Small animals are named by the type of animal they are. Horses are named by their vanity and bottom.
8. Chalk dust is an excellent way to lighten your complexion.
9. Pointing your finger and saying, “Bang bang,” isn’t effective to stop an oncoming train in pursuit.
10. Watch out! A pretty girl can make you put a turkey on your head and a hat in your mouth before you can blink an eye.

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