My Take on Melody Time

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Disney Melody Time

Character I identify with:
Bumblebee – Sometimes I just feel like I’m in a frenzy trying to escape the pressures of life.

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
Slue-Foot Sue’s catfish. I mean, if you’re riding a giant catfish down the Rio Grande, there’s got to be a story behind it.

Views on the villain:
Um… is there a villain?

Favorite song:
“The Lord is Good to Me” – Whether you’re the religious type or not, it demonstrates the importance of being content with what you have.

Favorite lines:
“He weren’t looking for thanks – ain’t no time for it.” – Dennis Day
“Ah shucks, a woman in the story.” – Bobby Driscoll
“Homeless as a poker chip.” – Roy Rogers

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