My Take on Ichabod and Mr. Toad

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Disney The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Character I identify with:
Ichabod – Conceited, awkward, and prone to good luck (most of the time, anyways).

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
The origins of the headless horseman. I think that would be interesting.

Views on the villain:
Mr. Winkie – He’s the kind of guy you know you shouldn’t trust but do anyways. I hate those types.
Headless Horseman – He’s the kind of guy you know you don’t want to come across in the middle of the night but do anyways. Oh wait, no, usually you don’t. But he’s definitely one bad dude.

Favorite song:
Merrily on Our Way – It’s just a fun song, even if it does encourage an aimless life without goals. I also like how it seems like they’re just yelling off-key at times.

Favorite lines:
Come, I’ll show you the world! Travel; change; excitement! – Toad
The worthy pedaguge was described as a most unusual man. – Bing Crosby
It behooved him to be on good terms with his pupils, especially if their mothers happened to be good cooks. – Bing Crosby

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