What Could Have Been in Fun and Fancy Free

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Disney Fun and Fancy Free

There were several ideas for both segments of Fun and Fancy Free that didn’t make it into the final cut. One idea was to have Bongo be part of the same circus as Dumbo. And while Dumbo may not have made a specific appearance, several of the other characters would have – such as the gossiping elephants. With “Mickey and the Beanstalk,” one idea was to include Honest John (the fox from Pinocchio) as the swindler that trades the magic beans to Mickey. It may have been interesting if these had made it into the final versions. Perhaps the rest of the Disney films would have seen regular crossovers.

One portion of the Mickey segment actually was storyboarded but didn’t make it into the final film. In this, Mickey goes to the castle to trade the cow, but he is enamored by Minnie (the queen) who thinks that the cow is a gift. Mickey is too bashful to admit that he actually intended payment for the cow, but Minnie tells him that she can’t take the cow for nothing, so she gives him the magic beans.

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