Time and Place of Make Mine Music

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Disney Make Mine Music

Make Mine Music, as a package film, is impossible to place in a single time and location. So I’ll take a brief look at each segment:

“The Martins and the Coys”
Based on the source material, I place this one in West Virginia/Kentucky in the late 1800’s.

“Blue Bayou”
Since there isn’t any indication of humans, this one is impossible to give a date to. But the setting is obviously a bayou, so perhaps Alabama or Louisiana would do.

“All the Cats Join In”
This is contemporary with Make Mine Music, so 1946 seems right. Of course, the exact location is unknown, but I feel safe saying that it was intentioned to be America.

“Singing Without You”
This one’s tricky. Maybe I would pay closer attention to the details if there weren’t nine other segments to analyze. I would make a general suggestion of 1946 in America.

“Casey at the Bat”
This one states that it takes place in 1902—contrary to the original’s taking place in 1888. The location is Mudville, but where is that? Both Holliston, Massachusetts and Stockton, California claim that they are the Mudville referred to in the original poem. I’m not ambitious enough to dig deep and make a decision myself, but for the Make Mine Music version, I would go with Stockton since it was closer to the Disney studios.

“Two Silhouettes”
This one is pretty difficult since there is practically no story—or anything except for dancers and cupids.

“Peter and the Wolf”
Based on recorded incidents of wolf attacks in Russia, I’m placing this in the western part of the country. Quite a few wolf attacks on children occurred there in the 1800’s, so I think that I will place it in 1860.

“After You’ve Gone”
Dancing instruments? It sounds like the 70’s when everyone was on drugs. Of course, I doubt it would be set in the 70’s since the film was made in the 40’s. If I had to give it a time and place, I would set it in 1946 America.

“Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet”
Also hard to place. But again, it seems to be contemporary.

“The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met”
This one is also difficult since sperm whales are found in every major ocean in the world. Since Willie wanted to sing at the Metropolitan Opera, however, I’m placing it in the Atlantic near New York. I’m also placing it in 1946.

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