Time and Place of Fun and Fancy Free

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Disney Fun and Fancy Free

Obviously the Jiminy Cricket portions of the story take place in modern day (1947 – when the movie was released) Hollywood.

The Bongo segment is a bit difficult to place, but considering the fact that it’s about a circus and whatnot, the 1930’s seems appropriate. Since Sinclair Lewis published the original story in 1936, that seems as good a year as any. And as for the location – that one’s hard. It seems safe to say that it’s in North America somewhere – perhaps in the Appalachians? It’s nearly impossible to say. Why not Tennessee?

The Mickey segment is also a bit difficult. The original “Jack and the Beanstalk” fairy tale originates in Great Britain, so I prefer to place it there. Unfortunately, while places called “Happy Valley” exist in the United States, Canada, and several other countries, I’m not sure that one actually exists in the UK. I’ll place it specifically in England, but after that it would be all guesswork. How about Dorset? As far as the time, that’s even more difficult. The biggest problem that the Disney version introduces is that there was a castle on the hill. Who lived in the castle? Was it a king or queen? If so, then that really causes some confusion. Without going into too many details – especially since I’m just throwing a wild guess out there – I’m going to say around the year 1000.

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