Ten Things I Learned from Fun and Fancy Free

13th May, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Ten Things I Learned from Fun and Fancy Free

Disney Fun and Fancy Free

1. A good story can change the shape of inanimate objects such as a doll or teddy bear.
2. Having no beans is better than having three beans if you’re starving to death.
3. Just because you get a good slap on the face doesn’t mean that you’re in trouble – it might mean that you’re in love.
4. Lightning does strike twice – or even ten times – as long as you’re an outsider.
5. Just because you can jump from a 300-foot diving board and land gracefully on a sponge doesn’t mean that you can jump over a 3-inch tree root without falling flat on your face.
6. Just because you can juggle axes doesn’t mean you can catch a fish.
7. A female coming on the scene can make you forget all your worries.
8. It’s a better idea to trade a cow to a swindler than to eat it.
9. Even the most amazing guy doesn’t know a Fee Fee.
10. If you’re in the forest and you are quiet, you can hear caterpillars chewing with their mouths open.

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