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Disney Make Mine Music

All of the segments are based on the songs which they feature. There are three that I feel are significant enough to mention individually, however:

The Martins and the Coys is based off of a historic feud by the Hatfields and the McCoys in West Virginia and Kentucky. There were two initial murders that began the feud. The first was over the fact that one of the McCoys joined the union army during the Civil War—an act of disloyalty. The other was over a pig and who owned it. It escalated and ended by the time about ten people had been killed.

Casey at the Bat is a poem that was originally published in 1888. It spawned numerous adaptations, including this one by Disney.

Peter and the Wolf is a symphony written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev with the intent of inspiring musical taste in children. Prokofiev probably had no idea how widespread it would become, covering the whole world across generations (in fact, new adaptations are being made every few years). Disney’s version gave all of the animals names, however. Oh, and the duck dies in the original. I guess a duck dying from a hungry wolf is too traumatic for children, but a whale getting harpooned to death by a deluded opera manager isn’t.

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