My Take on Fun and Fancy Free

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Disney Fun and Fancy Free

Character I identify with:
Bongo – Sometimes I feel like I can do anything. The next moment I feel like my skills are worthless.

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
What happens after Mickey and friends bring the harp back to Happy Valley.

Views on the villain:
The bear is a stereotypical bad-guy. Willy the Giant, however, is much more interesting. He can do practically anything – but he can’t pronounce pistachio. He’s childish, and I like that.

Favorite song:
I Wanna Eat Until I Die – It has a great message. Plus it’s hilarious when Goofy’s adam’s apple smacks Donald in the head.

Favorite lines:
“Oceans will gobble earth, scientists forecast.” – Newspaper headline
“End of world near, astrologers predict.” – Newspaper headline
“Why hadn’t someone ever told him about things that really mattered?” – Dinah Shore
“Everything was misery – just like the 8th grade.” – Edgar Bergen and Charlie
“Then something dreadful happened – they built a schoolhouse.” – Edgar Bergen and Charlie
“But have they lost all hope? Yes.” – Edgar Bergen
“If you’re gonna kill the cow, I don’t want to hear the rest of the story.” – Mortimer

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