What’s in a Name? – The Three Caballeros

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Disney The Three Caballeros

A caballero is a gentleman. For example, it is the word often used on restrooms for men. Sometimes you will also see it as knight (such as Caballeros del Zodiaco). I think that this was closer to the original meaning, as caballo means horse. Thus literally: the horseman.

Panchito Pistoles’ full name is Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III—perhaps in reference to the fact that Spanish names are often much longer than English names. Pancho is slang for “unruffled,” which I think is hilarious since Panchito is not that kind of person at all. Of course, slang from the 40’s is likely different than slang from today. Turning Pancho into Panchito is the English equivalent of saying “-y” at the end of a name, like Anne into Annie. Pistol is the same in Spanish as it looks in English, though the plural would actually be pistolas.

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