Ten Things I Learned from The Three Caballeros

15th April, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Ten Things I Learned from The Three Caballeros

Disney The Three Caballeros

1. You can get away with using a Spanish word in the title of a movie and never explaining what it means.
2. Hitting someone with a mallet makes them tiny.
3. Blowing into your finger can make you big.
4. The best gift you can give is yourself—even if it’s a first time introduction (which begs the question why you would be giving a present at all).
5. If you carry pistols you get to decide when and where you go, even if it is on a flying Mexican carpet.
6. Donald Duck wasn’t very faithful to Daisy in the 40’s.
7. If you want to speak Spanish, just add an O at the end, like Beako Curvo.
8. If you haven’t been to Baia, you should go.
9. Some penguins are dissatisfied with their lot in life.
10. In Greece, they have Pegasus. In Argentina, they have flying donkeys.

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