Ten Things I Learned from Make Mine Music

27th April, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Ten Things I Learned from Make Mine Music

Disney Make Mine Music

1. A stork can displace a lot of water with just its feet.
2. Fingers dancing on a piano look an awful lot like legs.
3. Singing whales can move quite agilely.
4. Don’t give a duck a gun.
5. If you’re a hat for sale on a display, don’t fall in love with the hat next door unless you want to end up tattered, beat up, and on the head of a horse.
6. If you look out of a raining window, you might see a weeping willow turn into a spaceship… type-thing.
7. Don’t trust a seagull to be your singing agent.
8. All you need to hunt a wolf is ambition and a pop gun.
9. Sitting on the open engine of a car while it is speeding down the road is hip.
10. Baseball is all about having hair on your chest (that’s probably why it is one sport that hasn’t caught on as much with girls).

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