Saludos Amigos’ Significance

8th April, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Saludos Amigos’ Significance

Saludos Amigos received Academy Award nominations for Best Sound, Best Original Score, and Best Song, though it didn’t win any of them. While the film was very popular in Latin American countries (apparently one woman in Brazil screamed incessantly for an encore until they finally had to stop a different film and begin Saludos Amigos again), it received mixed reviews, and was only rereleased in North America once. It did, however, fulfill its job by improving the relationship between the United States and Latin American countries.

Saludos Amigos wasn’t the first film to be comprised of smaller segments, nor was it the last. It was the first in the Disney Animated Classics series, however, and it began a string of several such films. This was a good move as it allowed Disney to return to its roots (animated shorts) while still continuing to issue its own films to theaters (rather than as an add-on to other films).

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