My Take on Saludos Amigos

5th April, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on My Take on Saludos Amigos

Character I identify with:
Donald Duck – Well, he is a tourist. And quite frankly, I’m not from any of those countries. I haven’t even been to any of them.

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
The culture. Having spent several years in a Latin American country, I tend to be partial to their culture. And while I am unfamiliar with the specific regional cultural differences of these countries, I still like the general Latin American culture.

Views on the villain:
The only villain I could pick out was the mountain, Aconcagua. And quite frankly, it’s just a mountain. It’s not even alive, despite the fact that it has a face—which cracks me up since all mountains have faces (just not anthropomorphic ones).

Favorite song:
Aquarela do Brasil – This song now goes simply by the name of “Brazil” in North America. I probably wouldn’t be so fond of it except that we played the song one year in high school marching band.

Favorite lines:
“Yes, a llama can make you feel awfully unimportant.” – Narrator
“Another martyr for the mail service.” – Narrator

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