What’s in a Name? – Bambi

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Most of the characters have names which explain them pretty well. For example, Thumper is named so because he thumps his foot. Flower receives his name by Bambi when the deer is learning to talk. And Friend Owl, well, he’s both a friend and an owl (his name cracks me up every time—I feel like he was named by a five-year-old).

Faline is an actual female name and was in use at the time Bambi was released. Some suppose that Faline may be a variation of “feline,” which would suggest catlike features. I suspect that it is actually a variation of Philena, which was a name used earlier. Ironically, Philena means “lover of mankind”—probably not an accurate depiction of a deer. It’s possible that the name Faline was chosen because of its similarity with the word “fawn.” As I don’t know German, I can’t tell what deeper roots the name may have with the story’s original language.

Bambi is also an actual name, though apparently not as old. It gets its roots from the Italian word “bambino,” meaning “little boy.” It is an apt name for the character.

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