Time and Place of Dumbo

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Dumbo gives pretty good clues as to location and timing of the film. Of course, it’s hard to miss the fact that Mr. Stork actually looks down upon a map of the United States and sees the circus train traveling through Florida. It is possible that most of the events happen outside of Florida after the circus has moved on to another state, but there isn’t a lot of reason to necessarily believe so. Thus, I place the events as taking place in northern Florida.

The timing is a little harder, given the absence of an obvious indicator such as a map for the location. It would be easy to accept that the events occur in the same time period as the film’s release—right around 1940. There are indications that it occurs late in circus history, considering the enormous tent size, traveling by train, and the nature of the acts (displays of exotic animals, elephant tricks, clown performances with few words, etc.). Furthermore, American circuses reached their peak between the two World Wars. Therefore, I place the events as occurring about 1930.

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