Time and Place of Bambi

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Felix Salten was from Austria, thus it would make sense to say that his book takes place in Austria. Disney made one change that makes a lot of difference in placing the setting of the film, however. In the book, Bambi is a roe deer, which is native to Europe. Since Roe deer don’t live in North America, where Disney’s primary (though admittedly not exclusive) audience was located, the film’s Bambi became a white-tailed deer, which are native the Americas. The only other internal evidence that I can see as to the location is the appearance of chipmunks, which are exclusive to North America. Since some of the Disney animators visited Maine to get a feel how to paint forest scenes, I place the film as being in Maine.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing really to judge the time as. Because the animal kingdom changes little, such differences must be gauged by human appearances. What is known about humans in Bambi is that they hunt with guns and dogs and use fires and tents. Unfortunately, such has been the case for hundreds of years. Since there’s no reason not to, I’m placing the time as being roughly contemporary with the book and film—about 1940.

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