Ten Things I Learned from Dumbo

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1. Storks can see state boundaries and names from the sky.
2. Elephants can vote whether or not other elephants are still elephants.
3. If you have hiccups, drinking champagne doesn’t cure them. If fact, it makes your hiccups worse.
4. If watching an elephant jump from a twenty foot platform is funny, watching an elephant jump from a 1000 foot platform is even funnier.
5. If you want to disguise yourself as someone’s subconsciousness, dressing up like a ghost will do the trick.
6. Pink elephants are only visible when you drink alcohol.
7. If you let your guests torture a baby elephant in front of its mother at a circus, you’re probably going to end up with some people hurt.
8. If you drink champagne, you can blow square bubbles out your nose.
9. If you wake up in a tree, the most logical explanation is that you flew up there.
10. Getting drunk can help you find hidden talents—like flying.

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