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Growing up, Bambi was the one Disney film that I simply didn’t like at all. It had too few words and actions. And the songs were all serious and somber. I returned now as an adult with both trepidation and excitement. I suspected that at the very least, I would be able to appreciate the film if I didn’t enjoy it. And I was right. I did appreciate the film. And while I didn’t enjoy it as much as Snow White or Dumbo, I still liked watching it.

Bambi was originally supposed to be Disney’s second animated full-length film. Adapting the original book to be a suitable children’s film proved more difficult than expected, so delays began. Furthermore, Disney’s animators spent longer than usual on the forest backgrounds, adding a high level of detail. It shows, too. The film has impressive backgrounds. The animation is also quite high quality.

One of my favorite features of the movie is the soundtrack. Noises that would be added as sound effects in today’s videos are simply additions to the score in Bambi. For example, raindrops are played by clarinets, thunder is portrayed as cymbal crashes, and the wind is harmonized voices. And it all flows together, creating the mood just as much as the animation does.

Posters advertising the original release claimed Bambi to be “a great love story.” I find it a little interesting that an animated film would be advertised as a love story, but it does have elements of that. What I think would be a better label for it would be “a great life story.” Bambi and The Lion King have very similar elements to each other in that they show the “circle of life.” Both stories follow the main character from a royal birth (witnessed by the local animals), through the death of a parent, and marriage to a childhood friend. Bambi follows the deer’s life from the beginning until. . . the beginning. Although the film is short, it captures important life moments, such as learning to walk or speak. And it shows the difficult winter when food is scarce and Bambi and his mother have to eat bark. While Bambi isn’t my favorite movie, I felt like the pacing was pretty good and that the plot was pretty balanced.

The final product is memorable. While Bambi is likely not anyone’s favorite film, it is memorable. Many of its lines live on in colloquial speech, probably Thumper’s being the most notable: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all.” And since I have difficulties waking up in the morning, it’s become somewhat of a joke for others to repeat Bambi’s father’s line: “Get up, Bambi. You must get up.” Did I like Bambi? Not a lot, no. But yes, I liked it.

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