My Take on Dumbo

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Character I identify with:
Dumbo – I’m a quiet, sensitive guy. And I have big ears.

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
The part when Dumbo flies. The movie ends right about the time when he learns how to fly. I wish it would have shown more of that.

Views on the villain:
There doesn’t really seem to be a clear-cut villain. It seems that the ringmaster is sometimes perceived as the official villain of the movie. But really, the guy’s just doing his job. The other elephants, however, viciously gossip about Dumbo and declare that he is “an elephant no more.” Now that’s just cruel. And not only is it cruel, it’s sadly a true depiction of what happens to too many people. And that is villainous.

Favorite song:
Baby Mine – When I was living in the Dominican Republic, one of my roommates sang this song once and said that his mom used to sing it to him. Being away from my own mother at the time, it was a soothing reminder of my childhood (even though the song didn’t actually have any significance for me during my younger years).

Favorite lines:
Lots of people with big ears are famous. – Timothy Q. Mouse
Out of my way, assassin! – Elephant
The very thing that held you down is going to take you up and up and up. – Timothy Q. Mouse

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