My Take on Bambi

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Character I identify with:
Flower – I’m bashful, quiet, and feel like hibernating all winter.

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
The effects of the death of Bambi’s mother. I know that it’s a children’s movie, but she’s all but forgotten from the movie about one minute after she dies.

Views on the villain:
Man is kind of like a phantom—nameless, faceless, and ominous. It’s a pretty good effect, actually.

Favorite song:
Love Is a Song – It’s one of the few songs in the movie that I don’t find creepy. And it really is kind of nice, especially as it finds its way into the original score.

Favorite lines:
“Winter sure seems long, doesn’t it?” – Bambi
“Get up, Bambi. Get up. You must get up. Get up. Get up. Get up!” – Bambi’s Father

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