Fantasia’s Significance

3rd March, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Fantasia’s Significance

Fantasia has been critically acclaimed since its beginning. The animation quality was unprecedented. Disney also had a special sound system invented called “Fantasound,” making it the first film ever shown in multi-channel sound. Its originality and bold new features left a lasting impression in critical reviews.

However, the expense put into such an endeavor couldn’t initially be recovered, making it Disney’s first box-office failure. Disney didn’t break even on the film until several decades later.

Besides the obvious details (having no dialogue, combining animation with music), there are a few other features that make Fantasia worth note. It was one of the first films without a title card or credits (while re-releases have changed this, the original did not). It also originally had a 15-minute intermission. Walt Disney also had plans to spray perfumes into the theater at different moments, but these ideas never saw fruition.

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