Dumbo’s Significance

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In a lot of ways, Dumbo saved Disney from the financial trouble it had from Pinocchio and Fantasia. The film’s initial box office release nearly doubled the cost required to produce it. This is especially impressive as Japan bombed Pearl Harbor only a month and a half after Dumbo was theatrically released—diverting the nation’s attention and reducing the film’s box office draw. This prevented Dumbo from being featured on Time Magazine’s cover in December 1941, but it didn’t prevent Time’s later praise and nomination of Dumbo as “Mammal of the Year.”

In addition to the financial and critical success of the film, Dumbo went on to win an Academy Award for Original Music Score. “Baby Mine” was nominated for Best Song, but it did not win.

It was also the first Disney Classic to be released on home video. Additionally, it was one of the first to be broadcast on national television (in an edited form).

Also of note, the film was produced in part while Disney faced a strike of many of its animators. As a result, Dumbo features several clowns (caricatures of actual animators at the time) singing the song “We’re gonna hit the big boss for a raise.”

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