What’s in a Name? – Snow White

10th February, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on What’s in a Name? – Snow White

Snow White's name is pretty self explanatory.

The mention of skin that is white as snow seems to be the key to understanding Snow White’s name—not that it is very difficult anyways. Both snow and white tend to be symbols of purity and incorruption. Indeed, this fits Snow White’s character absolutely. She is the epitome of innocence. Yes, her skin is particularly fair, and that tends to be a particularly important plot point (as it is her beauty that instigates the entire story, thanks to the Queen’s jealousy). But her true beauty is as much from personality as it is from charisma.

The other characters have incredibly fitting names. All of the dwarves are named after their principal attributes. The other characters—Queen, Prince, Huntsman—don’t even get that.

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