Pinocchio’s Significance

22nd February, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on Pinocchio’s Significance

I suspect that Pinocchio’s original significance lay in its animation techniques. In an environment where animated feature films were a novelty, every improvement was revolutionary. Its existence at all was significant. And while not originally the financial success that Snow White was, Pinocchio was received well critically. In a 26 February 1940 article in Time Magazine, it was praised as surpassing the former in every way (except for the music).

Also significant was the creation of several key characters—the most important one being Jiminy Cricket, who went on to be an essential member of the Disney cast in numerous smaller productions. And his theme song, “When You Wish Upon a Star,” went on to become Disney’s fanfare at the beginning of films. The song also went on to win an Academy Award. In fact, the musical score also won an Academy Award (which is ironic, considering what was reported in Time Magazine). Pinocchio was the first Disney film to win either award.

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