My Take on Fantasia

28th February, 2011 - Posted by DisAnim - Comments Off on My Take on Fantasia

Character I identify with:
Stegosaurus – Having worked in customer service, I know what it feels like to get my head bit off.

Element I wish would have been elaborated:
The dancing mushrooms! They’re so awesome, but their segment is so short.

Views on the villain:
Chernobog is pretty must the baddest of Disney’s baddies. He’s one of the few villains that is evil to the core. And he’s pretty scary looking too. And he’s got all sorts of freaky powers, like making dancing fire turn into satyrs.

Favorite song:
Ave Maria – It reminds me of Christmas, and I like Christmas. Plus I just like the way it sounds; it’s very soothing.

Favorite lines:
♫ – Hop Low (the littlest mushroom)

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