Why Does the Mad Hatter’s Hat say 10/6?

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I have a friend from my high school years who bought a hat from Disneyland that was modeled after the Mad Hatter’s hat, so I saw the “10/6” tag a lot. I asked him once what in the world that was supposed to mean. He told me that it was the size of the hat, […] Read More

Time and Place of Alice in Wonderland

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I’m not sure that Alice in Wonderland can be placed definitively, mostly since the majority of the action takes place in a fantasy world. However, in the scene where Alice is with her sister I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to place the story contemporary with Lewis Carroll and in the same setting. […] Read More

Source Material of Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland borrows elements from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as well as its sequel: Through the Looking-Glass. Lewis Carroll has many pursuits, including mathematics and photography, but we remember him best for his literary works (the Alice books being his most famous). I read both books in a Victorian literature class I […] Read More

Alice in Wonderland’s Significance

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Alice in Wonderland holds the honor of having the most songs in a Disney feature film. Of course, since the songs are typically so short, it is rarely remembered for its music (except for a few songs in particular, such as Unbirthday). Read More

What’s in a Name? – Alice in Wonderland

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It is commonly accepted that Alice is named after Alice Liddell, the daughter of Lewis Carroll’s friend (though there is some opposition to this notion). The Cheshire Cat may be named after Cheshire, a county in England where Carroll was born. Many of the other characters have names that aptly describe them, such as the […] Read More

Ten Things I Learned from Alice in Wonderland

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1. If you’re in a pickle, give yourself some good advice. 2. No one wins a caucus race. 3. Don’t trust a walrus and a carpenter… no matter how sweet their words are. 4. Lizards with ladders can solve all sorts of problems, such as if you have a giant in your house. 5. You […] Read More

My Take on Alice in Wonderland

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Character I identify with: Alice – Honestly, I simply cannot identify with anyone else because they’re way too weird. Element I wish would have been elaborated: The jabberwock. It’s a cool part of the original book. (And maybe my opinion’s have been tainted by Tim Burton’s 2010 version.) Views on the villain: The queen of […] Read More

Review of Alice in Wonderland

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In some ways, Alice in Wonderland shared a lot of similarities with Fantasia. It was one of Walt Disney’s personal pet projects that he had been harboring for some time. Even before he had created his animation studio, he was interested in Alice in Wonderland. In fact, he produced some shorts that were animation/live action […] Read More

Posting Status

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Hello everyone. I’m sorry to disappoint, but the DisAnim blog will no longer be subject to posting on a specific schedule. Unfortunately the DisAnim blog cannot be a priority for me at this time. Keep checking back periodically, however, as I do intend to continue posting (albeit at irregular intervals). You can also subscribe to […] Read More

The Lost Cinderella Songs

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On the most recent release of Cinderella, the DVD contains several songs that were intended for the original movie — some of which were actually storyboarded. I listened to a few, and I was glad for all of the substitutions that they had placed in the finished version. However, there was one song that I […] Read More

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